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the basics

Name: Liz
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Location: Rockville Centre, New York
Sexual orientation: Straight


Music:(5-10 bands is enough) Coldplay, Stars, Damone, Death Cab for Cutie, Explosions in the Sky, Frou Frou, Keane, Metric, Murder By Death
Movies: Titanic(don't make fun), Big Fish
Books:(and dont tell us you dont read The Guardian, The Bell Jar, Speak, The Virgin Suicides, The Bell Jar


Name two of your friends and tell us what makes them great.: My first real best friend was Kathryn. We became friends in 7th grade around the fact that our brother's were friends, and we had more in common then we realized, she was the first person i was able to be myself around and i really thank her for that. Once i became friends with Kathryn she brough along Caitlin who i am now best friends with also. She is such an awesome friend who is so easy to talk to and goof around with. I could say so much more about them and my other best friends but i'll leave you with that.
Something you are for or against. Elaborate.: Same sex marriages. it's actually quite simple, seperatation of church and state. period.
What is your current annoyance?: school! i just got back all my midterms and i failed all but 2!
What could you offer this community? i'll offer honesty, and i'll help think of themes and superaltives. i'd help with html, but i'm totally unknowledgable on that.


Something nice about each mod
__dancedance2 ohh alli! i basically lived with you for 2 weeks and you had the bed next to mine. you were one of my favorite people i ever had in any of my cabins at camp. i miss you alot actually!
mnmzrgood505 kendal must be awesome since she hangsout with alli, and i'm always looking at the pictures that you two have of each other and you seem to always have an awesome time.

Hottest member: alli!
Ugliest member: there are no others members!


promote us in two places.



provide us with 4+ clear pictures of you.

this one is mad small. sorry!
and 2+ pictures of your friends.
Image hosting by Photobucket
jeanette and i

Image hosting by Photobucket
mikey and i

Image hosting by Photobucket
melissa, jeanette and i

Image hosting by Photobucket
this is my favorite picture of my girlfriends(minus 1). from the left: caitlin, gish, jeanette, kathryn.
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